Debris removal not perfect in Land Bank's plan to demolish blighted properties

Debris removal not perfect in Land Bank's plan to demolish blighted properties
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There is new information on that well-publicized plan to get rid of the most blighted properties in Northwest Ohio. Cleanup after the demolition isn't always as smooth as it should be.

Earlier this month, the Lucas County Land Bank said their timetable to remove debris from a demolition was seven days. But there is a pile of rubble on Forest and Avondale that has been there for 20 days.

On August 3rd, an old house and garage were demolished there, part of the Land Bank's program to tear down or remodel 1500 properties in 1500 days. But they are now two weeks past the seven days to remove the debris.

David Mann of the Land Bank tells said we should have previously been told that 14 days is the normal time to get debris cleaned up, especially this time of year when they are taking advantage of the good weather and tearing down as many vacant homes as possible. He said the rubble will be removed on Wednesday.

Mann said, "That trade-off is not perfect. We recognize it's not perfect. We recognize that we're asking for a little grace and a little patience but at the end of the day, that neighbor will no longer have to live next to a vacant home and they will no longer have to live next to a pile."

Three other vacant homes torn down on August 3 have all been cleared of debris. They are on City Park Avenue, Pinewood Avenue, and North Detroit Avenue.

In 26 days of the program, 34 homes have been torn down and six renovated.

Mann said the Land Bank is a little ahead of the program's schedule.

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