Owens Community College Findlay campus offers new student support program

Owens Community College Findlay campus offers new student support program

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - College can be quite a stressful experience at times, so one higher learning institution is working to make that experience a little easier for it's students.

Monday was the first day of classes at the Findlay campus of Owens Community College, and this year the college has set up multiple support programs to help any enrolled students who are in need.

A new student emergency fund program is now available for students to apply for help if they're in a tough situation.

The $500 maximum request can go towards replacing lost text books, helping repair their transportation to school or other things that could hinder the classroom learning process.

Also, an on campus food bank will offer non perishable foods and toiletries to students once a month.

These programs are now in place to make sure the college experience at Owens is as little stressful as possible for the students.

"If we can do something small that can help them to have one less stressor or one less thing to worry about so that they can actually focus on their studies, then that's what we want to do." said Angie McGinnis, Manager of Advising for Owens Community College-Findlay.

Also new this year, a community garden on campus tended to by staff and faculty. Fresh fruit and vegetables are brought in daily for the students to take free.

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