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Hartland Farms hosts 35th Breakfast on the Farm

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The 35th Breakfast on the Farm event Saturday held at Hartland Farms brought about more people than they’ve ever had.

Like all Breakfast on the Farm events, the 3,500 people that attended this one were able to learn about the farming industry and where their food comes from.

Meet the family here

A free breakfast was offered for all attendees that offered an assorted of foods that are locally sourced including maple syrup from the trees at Hartland Farms, apples from Michigan and sausage from Bob Evans, a Ohio based company.

“The goal of today’s event is to connect the general consumers and neighbors of the farm with Hartland Farms. People drive past them all the time and may not think about what happen here and we wanted to give them an opportunity to take a tour and learn a little more about the dairy industry,” said Ashley Kuschel  the Breakfast on the Farm Event Coordinator.

The mission of MSU extension, the organization behind all of these events, is to use research and information gathered from campus and get it out to the community in the state of Michigan.

Hartland Farms’ main production is dairy and the Hart family that runs it, takes it very seriously.

“What I want people to know is that it’s all about the cows,” said Brad Hart, the owner of the farm. “They always have…they come before family, short of a family emergency. We’ve missed a lot of fun things and family because we’ve had to stay how to take care of a cow situation,” Hart said.

Hartland Farms was established in 1836, but they’ve been milking cows for about a hundred. The family-owned farm has 970 cows currently. Brad Hart is the 6th generation of the family to own the farm, but he is now in the process of passing the torch to his three sons who have been working on the farm since they were young.

There were more than 350 volunteers to accommodate the large crowd.

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