TPS administrator accused of sexual harassment resigns

TPS administrator accused of sexual harassment resigns

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo Public Schools administrator accused of sexual harassment has stepped down.

On Monday, TPS officials confirmed that Anthony Bronaugh, Scott High School Assistant Principal, had officially resigned from his position with the district Friday. This comes after accusations surfaced that he sexually harassed a TPS teacher while working as a summer school administrator at Marshall Elementary School.

Statement from Toledo Public Schools:

"Mr. Anthony Bronaugh resigned from Toledo Public Schools on Friday, August 19, 2016. This was one of several options for Mr. Bronaugh and thus precludes the pending disciplinary hearing that was scheduled in regards to recent allegations made against him by TPS staff members. The case against Mr. Bronaugh is now closed and his position as Assistant Principal at Scott High School will be filled in the coming weeks."

When news of the accusation was first released, the district did not go into further detail, but did say the accusations were not physical in nature. Bronaugh was then put on paid administrative leave.

This is the second time Bronaugh has been accused of sexual harassment. The first time was in 2012, when Bronaugh was serving as a principal at Robinson Elementary School. Ultimately, prosecutors decided not to pursue the case and Bronaugh returned to the district.

On Friday, Bronaugh resigned, as part of an agreement he made to exit the district. The resignation is expected to accepted at a board meeting tomorrow evening.

Bronaugh spent nearly 18 years with the district.

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