Lucas County shows number of overdoses by zip code

Lucas County shows number of overdoses by zip code

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - 43605 and 43612. Those are the Lucas County zip codes with the highest number of drug overdoses since April. That's east Toledo and parts of west and north Toledo, with nearly 160 overdoses combined in just four months.

It's part of data put together by the Lucas County Drug Abuse Response Team (DART).

Although some zip codes in Lucas County show the high numbers of overdoses, that doesn't necessarily mean the addicts live there.

Lt. Bobby Chromik says people come from the suburbs and overdose in the city. Chromik says an outline of overdoses by zip code shows where opiates and heroin are both being used and being dealt.

"Statistically, they are using within in a block radius of buying their heroin, or whatever they're buying in terms of an opiate, because when they're buying they're in pain at that point, so, you know, they wanna use right then and there," said Lt. Chromik.

He says this information will be passed to other departments, like Toledo Police, while he and his fellow officers focus on being in those areas.

"We're starting to see an influx in people being 'on the nod,' which shows that they're, you know, on heroin. They look like they're falling asleep, but yet, they're walking around," said Lt. Chromik.

Chromik says even though they know where the hot spots and people are, they don't have enough detox beds for those who decide they want the help.

"We're getting one, maybe two beds a day available to us," said Lt. Chromik. "So we've got 16 people or more waiting. They're going to use and they could die from using and they truly want the help."

Chromik says 10,000 to 15,000 people in Lucas County are addicted.

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