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Anti-bullying vigil held in west Toledo remembering 11-year-old who took his own life

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He was described as funny and confident. Taquairius, 11, killed himself earlier this week after being bullied. 

Friday night, people gathered outside the West Toledo Library to remember him and send a message that bullying will not be tolerated.

The vigil was organized by the neighborhood Block Watch Group. Taquairius's suicide shed light on an issue that should not be ignored by the community. 

"There's a lot of people that have come forward about bullying. It's a non-stop thing more noticeable now due to social media. It's happening out there," said Tina Scott of Block Watch. 

There was a roar of support for Taquairius at the vigil. Members of Warriors for the Children drove in on their motorcycles. The bikers came from Cleveland and travel the state acting as advocates for bully victims. Most of the members were picked on as kids. 

"So I dealt with it internally and externally. I got over it by running away when I was fifteen. So I dealt with it on the street" said one biker who only identified himself as Floppy. 

Victims of bullying are being told to do something Taquairius and Floppy didn't do: speak up and be heard. 

"We've got to let kids be comfortable and let them know they have avenues to take that don't result in violence and dropping out of school" said Brandon Copeland of Tackle Behavioral Health Agency. 

A reminder of that at the vigil for an 11-year-old boy who battled bullying in silence and died because of it.

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