Teen with Down Syndrome to kick for Fremont Ross this season

Teen with Down Syndrome to kick for Fremont Ross this season

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Caden Cox isn't just some kicker. The 17-year-old may have just started kicking footballs this summer, but he's quickly catching the attention of just about anyone who watches him.

While Fremont Ross gets ready for the season, Caden Cox watches on intently. His dad is the special teams coach for the Little Giants. He'd never played football before, but he's been around the game forever.

His brother is kicking in junior college currently and one day during a summer work out, they decided to let Caden kick a few footballs.

"Caden jumped up there and started making some field goals," said his dad Kevin. "He was kicking just as good as the middle school and some of the high school kids. So, we were like this could work, and we started talking to one of the coaches about it and they said 'throw Caden in there,' so here we are."

"Coach seen me kick," said Caden. "Six rows up. Now, I'm making the Fremont Ross team."

Caden has Down Syndrome and has always looked up to his big brother Zane. Now, nothing can stop his goal to follow in his brother's footsteps as a Fremont Ross kicker.

"My brother was 2014 class kicking from here, now he's at college," said Caden.

Caden isn't just a football player. He built up his kicking leg by starting karate at a young age, and his athletic talents don't stop there.

But football is certainly special to his dad.

"Caden's a three-time State of Ohio Special Olympian swimmer," said Kevin Cox. "He's in the band here, he's on the swim team, he throws the shot put and discus on the track team. So, now, this is a big one for me. I was brought up in football and to put a kid with Down Syndrome on the field, I think it's a big hurdle for us."

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