Toledo Abuzz Over the Holmes/Cruise Relationship

TOLEDO -- It's the talk of Toledo, and the world! Local girl, Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise recently confirmed that the two are dating.

Friday in Rome, Cruise commented on the budding romance. "Well, I tell you she is pretty special, we are having a great time. Yeah, she's a very special woman, very very special. I'm very happy," said Cruise.

While some may be skeptical about the May-December aspect of the romance. Holmes' family isn't fazed. Friday morning on News 11's "Your Morning," her father, Martin Holmes, called Cruise "The real deal."

"He called our house and talked to Kathy and called back when I got home from work and talked to me and real classy guy," said Martin Holmes.

This newest celebrity super-couple may not have made front page news at the University of Toledo, but students are definitely a buzz about it. "I think it's cool. Hopefully we'll see him, like see him at a restaurant or something like that at Panera or at the mall you never know," said UT student Betsy Lienesch. "I think it's great. I think it's kinda like a Princess Diana Prince Charles sort of thing where she's just a normal girl," said UT student Laura Johnson.

However, some students say the former Dawson's Creek-er should be with someone different. "More like me," said UT student Zach Harter, pounding his own chest.

No matter what their bias, students wish the new love birds only the best. Martin Holmes says his daughter met Cruise at a business meeting that was set up by Cruise's people and the romance blossomed from there.

Meanwhile, you can catch the Toledo native on the big screen later this summer in "Batman Begins."

Count on News 11 to continue following the romance.

Posted by AEB