Bullying: Who's Responsible? Here's what experts say

Bullying: Who's Responsible? Here's what experts say

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - The death of a Toledo student has raised the question of responsibility when it comes to bullying.

Taquairius McDonald, 11, committed suicide on Monday. The young boy would have started 7th grade at Whittier Elementary this week.

The situation may have parents thinking it's the school's responsibility to address bullying, and schools may think it's the parents. But Bill Geha, Prevention and Intervention Coordinator for Sylvania Schools, says both sides share a responsibility.

"It's a community responsibility. It's easy to blame this person, or that person. So, we sit down, how can we do it better?" said Geha.

Geha developed the Peace Program in Sylvania and Springfield Schools, a program that brings kids together to help other kids with bullying. He says even though everyone needs to be involved, parents can do more.

"Parents need to check rooms, they need to look for notes for bullying and drugs, they need to be aware all the time, and don't let up on that," said Geha.

He also added checking the phone, computer, and social media constantly. And when it comes to schools, he says they are doing their best to stay on top of bullying.

"The schools are honestly doing the best they can, they are. Because they have different programs, they have programs that work," said Geha.

He says it's easy to point fingers, but these situations are nearly impossible to judge.

According to Geha, the Peace Project is working.

If your interested in implementing the project in your school or getting a group together, click here for more information. Geha says he is willing to share his materials.

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