Coach Inselmann comes out of retirement to lead Patrick Henry

Coach Inselmann comes out of retirement to lead Patrick Henry

HAMLER, OH (WTOL) - One of the most successful high school football coaches in Northwest Ohio history has come back from retirement to take over at the school he led to new heights for 23 years.

Bill Inselmann is back at Patrick Henry

From 1991 to 2013, Inselmann made PH a small-school powerhouse. He won 200 games in his 23 seasons and took the Patriots to the state playoffs 11 straight years to end his first tenure.

Now, it's a different job.

When Joe Kirkendall left to take the job at Leipsic, Patrick Henry was in a tough position. Inselmann was there to step in and is hoping to return his alma mater to the historical dominance they're used to in Hamler.

"I feel like teams have lost respect for us," says Senior Alex Vandebussche. "We need to gain that respect back. They need to fear us again."

"One practice, the last 15 minutes, we just went out by the scoreboard, after we conditioned. We went through and I told them about the history of PH Football," says Inselmann. "We went through every year that was up there for league championships, playoffs, final fours and the state championship. I think a lot of that, that little history lesson that they got, helped bring back that pride and that's our goal. We want to bring that back to PH."

Inselmann demands an instant respect when he bring that resume and once he walked through the door, the players bought in immediately.

"I think after you've done something for 31 years, and a head coach for 23, you don't really forget a whole lot," says Inselmann. "It's been really gratifying and I'm excited to be back."

"By all the legacy that's been here, we've realized he knows what he's talking about, so we've gotta listen. We've gotta respect him, and he's gonna do a lot for us," says Vandebussche.

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