Residents in Fostoria worry about holes in the neighborhood

Residents in Fostoria worry about holes in the neighborhood
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - A former mayor of Fostoria is turning to the media, in an effort to get the word out about utility work that has left holes in the neighborhood. He says the holes are dangerous for those living there.

A large hole on Rock Street in Fostoria has been there for months. It's part of utility work done by crews changing out old gas lines. But residents are now worried that since Fostoria schools are in session, those holes will put kids walking to school at risk.

Crews have been busy all summer digging out gas lines to replace them. But a few of the holes were not filled after crews moved on down the street.

"It's just been, to me, unconscionable that they've left holes big enough that you can put a car in for about , I think, six months." said Jim Bailey, former Fostoria mayor and Rock Street resident.

WTOL's Jon Monk spoke with a representative from Columbia Gas over the phone, who says the holes were dug at junction points of the old and new gas line, where workers can constantly access them.

But Jim Bailey says he's not happy with the temporary safety fence put up.

"Just little flimsy plastic fence. Just image kids playing, just goofing off like kids do, one kid pushes somebody," said Jim.

Columbia Gas says the holes are too large to cover with steel plates. Jim believes the crews should have filled the open holes with loose gravel until they needed to access those pipes, especially since the work is being done less than a block away from Riley Elementary.

"With all of the equipment they have here, and they have at least 50 pieces of equipment in this area of town, it would just be a few minutes job to dig it back up. And it wouldn't be a hazard all this month." said Bailey.

The spokesperson with Columbia gas says work on Rock Street should be completed within two weeks.

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