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Toledo museum helps discover rare 18th century sloop, discovered in Lake Ontario

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It's a discovery that has shipwreck explorers in awe. A rare 18th century sloop, Lady Washington, has been found deep in the depths of Lake Ontario. 

She was located in late June using sonar equipment. 

In 1803, the sloop was traveling from Kingston, Ontario to Niagra, Ontario with a cargo of groceries from East India. She was caught in a fierce storm and sank off the coast of Oswego, New York. There were no survivors. 

"Certainly with the cool non-salt water in the Great Lakes something like this can be preserved so we can learn more about it, what it looked like, the size" according to John McCarty of the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo. 

Lady Washington is the oldest fully intact commercial vessel to have been lost in the Great Lakes. 

Today, there are over 200 ships that still remain in Lake Ontario. The survey of historic shipwrecks in the lake is funded by a grant from the museum. 

"We along with other organizations provide funding for these individuals and teams of volunteers who search for these throughout the Great Lakes," said McCarty. 

At this point, there are no plans to raise Lady Washington. 

Sloops existed on the Great Lakes for a short period of time. They were replaced by schooners which were considered much more efficient to operate.

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