East Toledo homeowner upset after city demolished garage from property

East Toledo homeowner upset after city demolished garage from property
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An east Toledo homeowner is upset after the city demolished his garage.

George Suchora says the city tore down his garage, without any notice.This all comes after a fire destroyed his home on Forsythe Street about a month ago. He and his sister owned the property and were fixing it up.

He says the city first demolished the house the day of the fire, because it wasn't safe. Then Thursday, crews were back to clear the debris, but Suchora was surprised by what else they were doing.

"My friend called me a little bit ago and told me they were taking the garage down," said Suchora.

He says there wasn't anything wrong with the garage, and it shouldn't have been torn down. Now, Suchora says he's out thousands of dollars.

"I had a lot of stuff in that garage because I do construction and they just drive over the garage and never called us, never wrote us a letter. Never told us anything, just knocked it down," said Suchora.

The City of Toledo's Code Enforcement Division says, crews followed proper procedures.

"The garage was taken down as part of the permit that was issued for the demo of the house as an emergency," said Dennis Kennedy, Manager of the Code Enforcement Division.

Kennedy says it's proper protocol to remove any structure on the lot so the lot can be restored to a buildable condition.

The city also says it mailed the homeowner a notice of the permit to the address on record with the county.

Code enforcement says Suchora can reach out to the law department if he feels he's been wronged.

In the meantime, Kennedy recommends any homeowner in a similar situation, remove any valuables from the property.

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