More than 6,000 students move-in to BGSU

More than 6,000 students move-in to BGSU

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - More than 6,000 students moved into residence halls at Bowling Green State University Thursday. This year's incoming freshman class is six percent larger than last year's class.

The incoming freshmen class is the highest-ranking academic class in the history of the university. It's also the most diverse class in school history; The class of 2020 represents 77 of the 88 counties in Ohio and 35 different countries.

Bowling Green State University president Mary Ann Mazey says there were more than 600 returning student volunteers who helped with the move-in process.

"It's a very organized way to bring in the freshmen," Mazey says. "Not a long line to wait for somebody to help them. And they transition on the first day so well. Tonight, we'll meet them all in the stadium for a big welcome."

She says the reason for the increase in enrollment is because the university continues to market themselves, especially with their new state of the art facilities.

"We're very excited about this class and the diversity of the class. Twenty percent of the class is multicultural, so we are just so pleased to be welcoming them on the campus today," said Mazey.

Move-in is set to wrap up on Saturday.

Classes at BGSU start on Monday.

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