ProMedica: Monroe Regional Hospital to move to new location

ProMedica: Monroe Regional Hospital to move to new location

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - ProMedica announced Wednesday plans to build a brand new medical facility to replace the current Monroe Regional Hospital.

The new facility will be located right off of I-75, but there are still a few years and a lot of planning to go before the River Raisin golf course becomes the new ProMedica campus in Monroe Michigan. Still, the decision has been made, and officials think this is a needed change.

"There are a lot of new design concepts in healthcare that make patient care more safe, creates a more healing environment for the patients, protects their privacy better. So, we wanted to make sure we were providing that level of care to the residents here," said Dan Schwanke, president of Monroe Regional Hospital.

After evaluating three or four different locations, the local golf course seemed to best fit the criteria.

"We had really three goals we wanted to look at. One, their accessibility. We wanted to make sure it was accessible to the residents of Monroe and Monroe County. Then also close to a major highway and a major thoroughfare," said Schwanke.

Also, having a golf course sized plot leaves plenty of room for growth.

"You look at 20 year long vision for what we would like to see happen there, it would really be the place that we would center all of our healthcare services for the community here," said Schwanke.

Still, it's very early in the process and right now the focus is on planning and design.

The current hospital and golf course will eventually close for good, but will operate normally until construction begins in 2020.

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