BBB issues warning about natural disaster scams

BBB issues warning about natural disaster scams

(WTOL) - In the wake of flooding in Louisiana, the Better Business Bureau is warning us about natural disaster scams.

Scam expert, Dick Eppstein with the BBB says there are crooked solicitors out there who may try to call you or email you, even reach out to you on Facebook to get you to donate to them.

But that means money you meant to go to these flood victims will end up in their pockets.

Eppstein says if someone calls him, asking for money, he says "No" because even if they do send some of the money to a charity, they can keep up to 90 percent of it for themselves.

And email solicitations could send you to a website that looks exactly like the Red Cross, Salvation Army or United Way.

But it's fake!

"A lot of those charities will use look alike names. Instead of the "National" it will be the "American" or "International" will be the "National." A lot of them are brand new, they've just sprung up and then use names just like famous charities and then ask you for money," said Eppstein.

Don't forget to research charities if you aren't familiar with them. Here's a list from the BBB.

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