Mercy health mobile stroke unit uses cutting edge technology to save lives

Mercy health mobile stroke unit uses cutting edge technology to save lives

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Elfrieda Strom relies on her family to tell her what happened back in February. She says she didn't even know what her names was.

Strom was found unresponsive by her son and daughter-in-law. When EMTs arrived, they assessed her condition and called for the Mercy Health Mobile Stroke Unit.

Strom's daughter-in-law Michelle Strom said everything happened so quickly, but she trusted the EMTs advice of waiting for the stroke unit to arrive.

"And then right away they took mom into the unit and did a cat scan and then we teleconferenced via an ipad with Dr. Zaidat over at mercy hospital," said Michelle Strom.

By the time Elfrieda was in the mobile stroke unit, Dr. Zaidat had already had the opportunity to assess her condition and that's when he decided she needed the CT scan.

Doctor Sam Zaidat is the Medical Director of the Mercy Health Neuroscience and Stroke Program.

"I have first look at the patient," he said. "I have the CT scan sent to me instantly so I am able to look at their brain CT right away."

Six months later the Mercy Health staff who treated her in the mobile stroke unit, got to see her again. They were so happy to see Elfrieda making a nearly full recovery.

"Oh my goodness, yes. I am very surprised," said Rachel Long, the CT Technician of Mobile Stroke Unit the day Strom was treated. "I am just so glad that we could help her and to have her back with her family and living on her own."

Elfrieda's family is still in shock about the recovery she's made.

"If anyone would have told me that day it was going to happen I would have just shaken my head," her daughter in law said. "Maybe we'll get something back but we won't get it all. But we got her back... all of her!"

The Mobile Stroke Unit has been called out over 200 times since January.  Elfrieda was their sixth patient.

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