Call 11 for Action: Man gets utility pole removed from yard

Call 11 for Action: Man gets utility pole removed from yard

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We all take pride in our front yards, but it's a different story for one man through no fault of his own.

In a Call 11 For Action Alert, WTOL's Tim Miller investigates what happened and the help he was able to bring the homeowner.

You know the saying, "accidents happen." But what if that accident leaves something behind that should have been taken care of, long ago?

That's what Horace Grier has been dealing with at his home in the 1700 block of Buckingham. A rotting, wooden utility pole has been sitting in his yard for four years.

There was a car accident right in front of his house at Buckingham and North Detroit and a utility pole came down.

Grier said Toledo Edison crews asked if they could put it in his yard and he claims he agreed, but just for a couple of days. That turned into four years because the crews never came back.

Grier said he called Toledo Edison several times, but nothing was done. That's when he picked up the phone to Call 11 for Action.

"And hopefully we will be able to get Toledo Edison to quit dragging their foot and get this out of my yard, then I can replant my lawn and get my work done," said Grier.

Our Call 11 For Action team went right to work, getting a hold of Toledo Edison's parent company, First Energy. Their spokesperson told us they didn't have any record of Horace's calls until he called on August 3 of this year. The spokesperson said it looks like Grier may have been calling the city accidentally.

Grier insisted he called Toledo Edison. Either way, First Energy confirmed it is one of their poles and they will come out on Wednesday and take it away.

When asked why the utility pole sat in the yard so long, a First Energy spokesperson said it's possible the crew was very busy after the accident and didn't document it properly.

If you have a problem you need help with, contact Call 11 For Action at (419) 255-2255.

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