TPD: Parents watch out, child predators could use Pokemon Go to find next victim

TPD: Parents watch out, child predators could use Pokemon Go to find next victim

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police are warning parents about a game that is suppose to be all about fun. The popular game Pokemon Go could be a new way for child predators to find a victim.

The frenzy over the game has not died down much and parents should be aware of the unwanted attention it could bring.

Police departments in many areas of the country are stepping up patrols in popular Pokemon playing areas. Predators could use the game as a way to get close to kids.

"Just not kids but it could be anybody, even adults," said Toledo Police Lt. Joe Heffernan. "And if they know there is a certain spot that is frequented by people during this game, that may be a location where they're going to set up for and look for potential victims."

Lt. Heffernan says some Pokemon Go players are already distracted from traffic dangers and are also not aware of potential criminals.

College student Austin Howard has been a Pokemon Go fan. He's no longer a kid, but said his parents were still worried about his safety.

"Some people could try to look for stuff like that, like there are places you can go and d rop this stuff to draw Pokemon to you and that would just be an easy place for people that want to harm people to go to," said Howard.

TPD officers have been told to keep an eye out for Pokemon Go players, to keep them safe. Lt. Heffernan says there's safety in numbers, but be wary of that outsider who could be up to no good.

"They could say 'Oh I'm here playing the game too, can I join your group? Let's go. I think there's one over here,'" Heffernan added.

He also said parents should monitor their kid's phone and make sure they're not trying to contact someone to meet up somewhere and play the Pokemon Go game.

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