Officials: West Nile virus poses no imminent threat to NW Ohio

Officials: West Nile virus poses no imminent threat to NW Ohio

(WTOL) - Testing is underway to see if the West Nile virus is still present in the Wildwood Metropark area, after being discovered a month ago.

Officials say temporary standing flood water will cause more mosquitos but not the ones that carry the West Nile virus.

The mosquitos that carry the virus like to breed in catch basins. Officials tell WTOL 11's Malena Caruso the rain will help flush out the mosquitos.

"So we might see an increase of mosquitos in our backyard but hopefully not the ones that carry West Nile," said Paul Bauman, of the Toledo area Sanitary District.

Paul and his team worked with all of the surrounding Metroparks to go through their standard process of controlling the infected mosquito population.

"One of the first things we want to do is conduct a nighttime fogging activity and basically try to knock down as many adult mosquitos as we can. Hopefully eliminating those that are infected and decreasing the number of mosquitos flying around that might be infected by birds that are carrying the virus," said Bauman.

As of now, a new batch of mosquitos from the infected area has been sent to the Ohio Department of Health to be tested and cleared of carrying the virus.

In the meantime Paul says there is no imminent threat to folks in the Lucas County and Northwest Ohio area.

"We don't want to say not to worry. We always want people to take precautions. Use insect repellant, wear long sleeves, avoiding the outdoors during the prime biting times. Is always recommended," said Bauman.

Officials say they will continue to catch and monitor the mosquitos in the area throughout August and September, when the cases of mosquito born viruses in humans usually increases.

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