Perrysburg teen arrested, charged with inducing panic before first day of school

Perrysburg teen arrested, charged with inducing panic before first day of school

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg police arrest a teenager for posting a terrifying threat on social media just hours before the first day of school.

Around 10 p.m. Monday, police were alerted of a video on social media showing a 15-year-old Perrysburg High School student placing a simulated weapon in a backpack. The student posted the video with the caption "Don't come to school tomorrow."

Though terrifying, Perrysburg police say students were not in any immediate danger.

The threat was called into administrators at Perrysburg High School and police Monday night. Police say the student responsible for the threat was arrested before school had gotten underway, and before the threat could have even been played out.

"We live in a time something you might think is funny or cute you post it and you can't take it back and there can be serious consequences for that situation.  So, without being specific to this situation it is just a reminder of how important that is," said Superintendent Tom Hosler.

The Perrysburg School district posted the police department's statement explaining the situation on their website to get ahead of the rumors and ease both the minds of parents and students.

"It's better to be upfront with parents because what ends up happening is the old game of telephone, one person hears something and another person tells someone else. So we have learned it is easier to put our cards on the table within the bounds of the law," said Hosler.

Police believe the 15-year-old is the only person behind the threat and have charged that student with inducing panic.

The incident is still under investigation.

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