Perrysburg Schools board member unexpectedly resigns

Perrysburg Schools board member unexpectedly resigns

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Just a day before school is set to resume in Perrysburg, a school board member has unexpectedly resigned.

School leaders confirm that Cal Smith resigned at a board meeting that was held Monday night.

Smith was very vocal in recent years, most recently speaking out against Perrysburg baseball coach Dave Hall. Smith has taken criticism for that stance, with many community members feeling like he had an agenda - voting against Dave Hall's contract renewal.

"I think he had an agenda on his own he wanted coach hall removed and when that didn't happen there were some other things on his agenda," said Paul Vrzal, Perrysburg parent.

Upset parents set up a Facebook page called CROCS, Citizens for the removal of Cal Smith, encouraging Smith to resign from the board.

The Perrysburg Education Association Union announced a vote of no confidence in Smith after they say he smeared the name of Coach Hall and violated the confidentiality of a baseball player.

"Certainly that became a focal point for people in the community and that made it difficult for people in the community - it's a thankless job but I think it can be rewarding, but when those types of things happen it's hard to get out from under it," said Tim Hosler, Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools.

The school board is currently looking for someone interested in filling the remainder of Smith's term which is 16 months. They have 30 days to fill the position and are currently seeking candidates to interview.

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