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Healthy trends for kids' lunchboxes

Healthy trends for kids' lunchboxes

Healthy lunches (Source: WOIO) Healthy lunches (Source: WOIO)
Healthy lunch options. (Source: WOIO) Healthy lunch options. (Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO) (Source: WOIO)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when it comes to performance at school, dieticians say, parents need to pay as much attention to lunch.

"They need that for better behavior, better attention span and to be prepared to learn. It's proven," said registered dietician, Anne Thacker.

The mother of two says pasta salad with carbs, fresh cheese, and colorful veggies is a great replacement for prepackaged meals full of sodium and preservatives.

"If they have lots of processed food and sugar, they're not going to have the attention span, and be hungry later because the body is digesting that so quickly," she said.

The energy boosting lunch doesn't need to be kept hot or cold, either.

You can also give in to your kids' urge to snack, by packing them finger foods, like mixed nuts, hard boiled eggs, fruit, crackers, and raw vegetables, to satisfy their hunger and all the food groups.

"This is a nutrient dense lunch, which is so important because along with not enough sleep on a school day, they're typically not getting nutrient dense foods," she said.

She says if a dip, like ranch, or hummus with protein and healthy fat will get them to eat veggies, do it!
And if your need to up your sandwich game, Thacker says swap mayonnaise for smashed avocado, and try sprouted wheat bread, which has 5 grams of protein per slice.

And to ensure an empty lunchbox, she recommends getting them involved.

"If they can help the night before, then they're more likely to eat it," said Thacker.

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