ODOT responds following two deadly crashes along State Route 281

ODOT responds following two deadly crashes along State Route 281
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

HENRY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - After three crashes - two which were fatal, in the last 11 days, ODOT is speaking out about the deadly State Route 281 and 65 intersection in Henry County.

Officials say the crashes are a result of increased traffic due to construction on U.S. Six.

"We still need to work with law enforcement to see exactly what the problem is. We need to define the problem in order to come up with any counter measure that might be necessary," said Theresa Pollick, with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Before the construction resurfaced along U.S. 6 earlier this month, Pollick says the area had only seen six crashes since 2011.

"Prior to these incidents happening, this area was not considered a hot spot, or a safety issue," said Pollick.

On Friday one person was killed and five people were hurt in a crash on State Route 181. Two of the people hurt in the crash remain in critical condition.

Since the crashes, message boards have gone up warning drivers of the upcoming intersection.

Henry County Sheriff Michael Bodenbender urges drivers to take their time when approaching any intersection.

"Take an extra second, look both ways, and make sure nothing is coming before you enter the intersection," said Bodenbender.

Police are still working to determine the cause of Friday's crash.

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