Perseid Meteor Shower Need-To-Know

Perseid Meteor Shower Need-To-Know

You'll want to stay up late or wake up early for wee hours this late Wednesday night to early Thursday morning.

The annual Perseid Meteor shower will be lighting up the skies with up to 200 meteors per hour soaring past our planet!

This shower is caused by dust from comets that passed hundreds to thousands of years ago. NASA Meteoroid Environments Office forecasters are predicting meteor rates of near double average, allowing for a brighter and more engaging shower.

Here are some of the things you will need to know to catch a glimpse of this show in the sky:

  • Best viewing time: Midnight until Sunrise.
  • Allow 45 minutes for eyes to adjust to darkness.
  • Lie on your back, these showers will appear all across the sky.
  • Skies are likely to be hazy or carry some cloud cover. Solution: Watch NASA's live-stream the night/morning of 11/12.

Want more information? NASA breaks down on all the details here on their website!

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