Which summer was drier? This summer or 1988

Which summer was drier? This summer or 1988

In a recent blog post a comparison was made, stating this has been the driest summer so far since 1988. But how does this summer truly compare? Let's break it down: 

The rainfall from May 1st-August 6th is fairly close, although 1988 was drier. 

The real difference comes with the heat that came in 1988. It was one of the hottest summers on record. Including 2 days over 102 degrees. This summer has only seen a high temperature of 96. 

The 17 days with 90 degree highs for 2016 is only through August 7th. There will likely be more 90 degree days. It is also likely that heavy downpours will add to the rain total later this week. Check the 10-day forecast for details. 

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