Bowling Green Bobcats look to continue winning ways

BIG BOARD PREVIEW: Bowling Green Bobcats look to continue winning ways

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green is coming off of back-to-back playoff seasons, and looks to continue their winning ways, especially the seniors who haven't forgotten the feeling after their 3-7 freshman year.

"Our senior class hasn't forgotten our freshman year when we went 3-7, and we know that's not what we want to go back to," said Conner Ashman, Bobcats senior center. "So we're just working every day to keep the momentum going."

And Bobcats head coach Dirk Conner says it's an expectation he's seen reflected in his team's offseason work.

"They expect to win. They know how to prepare, how to work in the offseason," he said. "So just having that program established where it's not just a group of guys who graduated. We expect to win every year, and the kids are preparing like they expect to do that."

Moving from wide receiver to the signal caller for the Bobcats will be senior Dylan Dohanos. He's confident in his transition to QB, saying his prior receiving experience will serve him well in the pocket.

"I know what the receivers are thinking, and like I know what it feels like to be a receiver, so I can relate better as a quarterback," Dohanos said.

While the Bobcats have intentions to make it back to the playoffs for a third straight year, they say their goal is to take the season one game at a time.

"Our goal is, yes, to win every game, but we don't care about week three until it is week three. We focus on week one, once we win that we move on to week two and so on and so forth," said Trevor Craft, Bobcats senior.

Bowling Green kicks off their season at home against Rossford.

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