New football season will be numbers game for Toledo Christian

BIG BOARD PREVIEW: New football season will be numbers game for Toledo Christian

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - At Toledo Christian it's a new season, with a new head coach this year for the Eagles.

Former Offensive Coordinator Andrew Skeels says he'll be switching his focus to defense, letting his coaching staff take the reins on the offensive plays.

The Eagles will look to hand over leadership to Graham Leu in the pocket. The senior QB says this year is a numbers game.

With just 19 team members on the roster, many will be playing on both sides of the ball, so endurance and chemistry will be key.

"The challenges are going to be numbers for us 'cause we're limited with that and it's going to be some of the younger guys who haven't had a lot of experience varsity-wise, getting prepared and growing up really fast," said Leu.

Leu's co-captain, junior guard Garon Beard agrees it is a numbers game, but says they'll still be strong and ready to compete.

"I'm hoping for all the guys to work hard, give 100 percent for all the coaches and win games," said Garon Beard, Eagles Junior and Co-Captain.

Skeels says learning from mistakes and building upon that will be crucial for their team.

"Staying healthy is a big thing and then learning how to work as a team and sync together throughout the whole season. Not getting upset when things go bad," said Skeels.

Toledo Christian opens the season at Delta.

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