Call 11 For Action: Elderly Toledo woman scammed by tree removal co.

Call 11 For Action: Elderly Toledo woman scammed by local tree removal co.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An elderly woman in Toledo contacted Call 11 For Action after she says she was scammed by a local tree removal company.

And on Wednesday, a generous group the owner of Tree Works Toledo saw our story and stepped up to help finish the job free of charge.

Maria Vasquez said she paid Absolute Tree Service $1200 to remove a tree in her backyard after it fell during a storm back in June.

"I always believe there is more good people in this world than bad people," she said.

Alan Hall from Tree Works of Toledo says helping makes him feel good.

"To make a difference for somebody is always a good thing to do and it makes you feel good at night knowing that you helped somebody with something they couldn't get done," Hall said.

After Maria Vasquez told us her story, more people came forward claiming to have been done wrong by Absolute Tree Service, the first tree removal service to work on Vasquez's property.

"I even told them don't try to scam me," Vasquez said.

She checked the company online and saw prior customer reviews were positive. In addition, the owner's brother lives just behind her and she knew him personally.

"I said can you give me an estimate, because I don't know what to do right now," Vasquez said.

She paid the company half the $1200 estimate up front, and with only part of the job completed, the company asked her for the rest.

"They knock on my door and say that they needed the rest of the money," Vasquez said.

So she forked it over.

That's when she claims she never saw them again; left with receipts marked paid and signed by the owner.

"I kept calling and calling and calling, and then they stopped answering my call," Vasquez said.

WTOL 11 reached out to the owner of Absolute Tree Service, Charles Keel, to get some answers...

Keel said removing the stump was more difficult than he thought, so he told Vasquez's son he needed $500 more to complete the job. But Maria and her son Daniel Vasquez said that conversation never happened.

"He never told me that I have to pay more," Maria Vasquez said.

Keel told WTOL he would get back to us with proof that he did tell his client she'd have to pay more, but never did.

"All I want is for them to come finish the job," Maria Vasquez said.

The Call 11 For Action team pledged to continue contacting Absolute Tree Service until the job she paid for was completed.

Tree Works Toledo surprised her and did it all for free.

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