Rossford BOE approves final facilities plan for November ballot

Rossford BOE approves final facilities plan for November ballot

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - The Rossford Board of Education is moving forward with plans to update its facilities.

In a 4 -1 vote, the board approved the final plans before they go on the November ballot on Monday.

The $71 million master facilities plan has a two-site campus including one at Glenwood.

"It's going to preserve and renovate the original, or the 81 portion of that building for those students. And the rest will be new for our Pre-K to 5," said Superintendent Dan Creps.

The other site downtown, will preserve the 1922 portion of the building plus add a new 6 -12 area, bring administration into the building and renovate the football stadium.

A homeowner with a $100,000 home will pay $33.25 a month. The length of the bond is 37 years.

The superintendent says this is the best plan.

"First and foremost, moves our students into 21st century learning environments, reap the savings of that by going to two campuses, and provide a plan to the community that we listened to what their feedback was when we did that survey," said Creps.

The superintendent says this has been a topic of discussion for over a decade. And even though a number of bond issues have failed in the past, he says something needs to be done and this is the plan to address the problem.

"If we demonstrate this plan properly, so that people going in November can make an informed decision, they'll support our schools," said Creps.

The district will begin campaigning and educating the public about the bond within the next few weeks.

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