Neighbors reach out to Call 11 For Action to get old library property cleaned up

Neighbors reach out to Call 11 For Action to get old library property cleaned up
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - What a difference a couple of days make. Call 11 For Action first showed you the old library causing neighbors problems on Tuesday. Now, that's all changed.

It's what neighbors at Main and Greenwood in east Toledo have been waiting for - a major cut and cleanup of the former library site.

They claimed the city didn't respond to their complaint calls. Weeds had grown so out of control, covering up the front door area. Now, trees that hadn't seen a trimmer in weeks have been tended to, and you can actually see the sidewalk and the library building. Plus, high grass that had lined the side of the property has been cut down. Even neighborhood children are happy.

"(But kids would throw a ball across and then they couldn't find it in the weeds?) Or they would be too scared to come in and find it," said Autumn Carney, who lives across from the old library. "(Now what do you think?) It's better now. They can walk through and they can get their things. They don't have to worry about stepping on anything."

Jack Stults showed WTOL around the mess on Tuesday. Here's what he texted us after seeing the cleanup.

"Our kids can now be seen and they will feel safer knowing there are no hiding places for the drug users behind the library anymore," said Stults. "Call 11 for Action really works. It worked for our street!!!"

A city spokesperson says the work might be done Tuesday afternoon and she wasn't sure why there was a delay. But they got it done, sending the crews out, so neighbors no longer have to cover their eyes when looking out the window.

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