Call 11 For Action steps in again when vacant property isn't properly cleaned up

Call 11 For Action steps in again when vacant property isn't properly cleaned up
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A vacant property on Page Street was upsetting neighbors, so they contacted the Call 11 For Action Team.

The City promised to get it cleaned up but we had to step in again to make sure it was done right.

The City said that on Saturday a crew came out to 1416 Page Street and cleaned up this property, but when we followed up with neighbors and visited the house ourselves, we knew that wasn't the case.

The crew did cut high grass in the front yard but a bunch of large weeds were left standing and the back yard hadn't been touched.

Tony Ferguson lives across the street and said, "Well, I don't think they did a very good job. They just came out and ran a mower over it and left it as is. Didn't do anything else to the property."

This was clearly not what the neighborhood deserves so Call 11 For Action sent an email to the mayor's office.

Within minutes, this supervisor from the Department of Neighborhoods came out and said he had a crew nearby.

Minutes later, the team arrived to finish the job. They cut down the front yard weeds, trimmed other weeds, and tackled the mess in the back yard.

The supervisor explained that the crew on Saturday was a "large" brush team with chainsaws and large mowers. They didn't have the right tools to clean up a small area. On Thursday, they were finishing the job and even removing an old TV left in the front yard.

Ferguson was asked if the city crews should have had the right equipment to begin with.

He replied, "I do, yes. I think it was maybe a little bit of an excuse, but at least they're out here now getting the job done."

The Director of Neighborhoods told us the back yard had limited access for larger mowers and said a smaller hand crew should have been called in. He said the new crew would complete the job.

If you have a problem that you would like Call 11 For Action to help you with, call us at 419-255-2255.

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