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Credit card scammer calls detective

Lt. Matt Gazarek of Perrysburg Township Police Department (Source: WTOL) Lt. Matt Gazarek of Perrysburg Township Police Department (Source: WTOL)

A credit card scammer was recorded when he dialed a detective.

Lt. Matt Gazarek of Perrysburg Township Police Department wants you to  be aware of these calls in case this happens to you.

Detective: "So you want me to tell you the expiration date?"

CC Scammer: "Yes, sir. I want you to please verify the expiration date for the recording line."

The scam artist was pretending to be from a credit card company wanting to help lower interest rates for the person on the other line. Of course, to do this, they required all the information on the card. 

The detective made up a fake credit card number and played along. 

CC Scammer: "The reason that I need to verify your card information sir, is just to make sure is just to double check that I am speaking to the authorized owner of this Mastercard."

And after the detective questioned the caller, he said...

CC Scammer: "What you need to understand sir, like right now, you're not speaking to a third party, you are speaking with a Visa Mastercard company, the company who sends you the bank statements, and monitor those."

The detective gave the person more fake numbers then asked the caller a question.

Detective: "Hey, where are you guys from? Just give me the toll free number. Where are you from?

CC Scammer: "It doesn't matter, idiot."

Detective: "Idiot?"

CC Scammer: "Yeah, you're an idiot, aren't you?"

Several red flags were apparent throughout the call.

"You can clearly hear the detective tell the person to provide the card number to him, and again he wouldn't do that, he asked him to provide that number," said Lt. Gazarek. "Most places, IRS, credit card companies, they're not going to call you directly and ask for your credit card information. If they're legitimate, they should have that."

If this happens to you, you should hang up, and call your credit card company to verify if they were the ones on the other line.

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