Wood County rangers start carrying life-saving antidote

Wood County rangers start carrying life-saving antidote

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Wood County park rangers will start carrying a drug used to reverse opiate overdoses in the near future.

Naloxone, a drug that has the ability to save lives, is being distributed as part of Project Dawn - an educational program for the community focused on drug overdoses and antidote distribution.

Training through the Wood County Health District will be required before rangers begin to carry.

"Their responsibility is with the health and safety of the visitors in our parks, and with this being such a problem, it's something that we knew we needed to be prepared for," said Neil Munger, Wood County Parks Director.

"The fact that our parks are located in such remote locations, a lot of times, it's obviously a place where we may encounter something like this, so again, for our rangers to have the tools to deal with whatever problems that they have in the field is what we're looking at," he said.

The rangers carry other preventative tools, like AEDs. Members of the board felt it was necessary for them to have Naloxone available as well.

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