Punishers motorcycle club says no to bullying

Punishers motorcycle club says no to bullying
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A local motorcycle club is saying no to bullying.

The group made their message known Wednesday morning at Marshall Elementary after a first grader says she was a victim.

Audrianna Reynolds, 7, got a special ride to school, after being picked up by the Punishers Motorcycle Club.

The Punishers are a law enforcement Motorcycle club. Audrianna's mother reached out to them after she found our her daughter was being bullied at school.

"She asked if we would send a birthday card. Just so she knew there were still good people out there. I told her we would do much better than that we hung out for about an hour and then we gave her a ride to school," said Daniel Bushey, of the Punishers.

The motorcycle club decked the first grader out with a vest and pink helmet. Audrianna is now a part of a family that's anti-bullying.

Don't Bully because it is mean," said Audrianna Reynolds.

Her mother, Alexandra Reynolds says the school has done all they can to stop the bullying. She says the ride will help boost her daughter's confidence.

"I want parents to know that if your child is being bullied just do any and everything possible to make them feel special. Every child is beautiful," said Alexanderia Reynolds.

Audrianna says she hopes people will learn to be nice and not bully others.

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