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April 12, 2005

Nye Scheduled for More Tests

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Transplant patient A.J. Nye will have a special test done under general anesthesia next Monday.  Here's his mother's e-mailed update from Tuesday, April 12, 2005:

"Hello Everyone, I'm sorry, but I have to hurry (as usual). We have a news interview at the Omaha Children's Museum in a little bit and I need to finish getting us ready."

"A.J. continues to do well but his labs continue to tell a different story. His liver numbers are still climbing. We know it's not rejection and we know it's not a virus, so now Dr. Langnas wants to investigate A.J.'s Liver Bile Ducts. On Monday (18th) A.J. will go under general anesthesia in Specials Radiology for a Bile Duct Study. If a bile duct is narrowed or constricted they will be able to see it with dye and Xray and they will fix it. Then we'll be back on the right track and his liver numbers should start to go back down."

"Until then, we just need to keep doing all of the same things we've been doing - keeping healthy and happy! Thanks to all of you that is a lot easier than it sounds! Our spirits are still as high as usual - because A.J. is here - the best place for him to be - and it sounds like we're close to fixing the current obstacle in our journey."

"He's handling the news very well (as usual) and is anxious to get the problem fixed so they can quit having to poke him so much! (poor guy) I am so proud of him - he is doing really well - he never ceases to amaze me with his endurance and good attitude! I love my boy! We Love You All for your continued support and prayers during this busy Spring-Fever-Time-Of-The-Year!"

"God Bless you all and THANK YOU for all you do that makes us feel so supported and loved! Love, Allison and A.J."

Count on News 11 to keep following this developing story.

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