'Total Package Girl' helps girls stand up to bullies

'Total Package Girl' helps girls stand up to bullies

(WTOL) - If you have girls in your life, you may want to pick up Kristi Hoffman's book, "Total Package Girl: Discover The Ultimate You For Life."

Hoffman gives young girls a bully action plan and helps them discover who they are to gain the confidence they need to stand up to bullies.

Hoffman visited WTOL 11 Your Day and sat down with Amanda Fay to talk about her bully action plan, which includes establishing close friends, Hoffman calls "True Blues," who you can trust.

She says it's also important to tell authorities or teachers if you are being bullied.

"I tell girls to have what is called a 'Power Shield.' And the whole idea of the 'Total Package Girl' is to have the total package being body, brain and spirit, not just tied to the physicality, because often times girls in the media and the stigma that we have on magazine covers and such tends to focus just on body. And if you can teach girls this power shield of focusing on not letting that negative energy in, sort of holding up in front of you, making sure that you're exuding that confidence and then having that bully action plan and all those steps within that you know you're going to be taking so you can stay strong, that's super important for girls," said Hoffman.

"Total Package Girl" can be found at Barnes and Noble and Schramm's in Toledo. You can also find it on Amazon.

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