Call 11 For Action: Rusty, dangerous utility pole stubs finally removed from east Toledo sidewalk

Call 11 For Action: Rusty, dangerous utility pole stubs finally removed from east Toledo sidewalk

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You don't expect to trip on something dangerous when you're walking down a city sidewalk, but that's what was happening at an east side intersection.

It's an issue Call 11 for Action has been working on since March of last year.

And now, it's once again safe to walk at East Broadway and Navarre.

At first look, all you could see were two orange cones but that was just a cover for an ongoing problem.

A new utility pole was installed a couple of years ago, but the bottom part of the old metal poles were left sticking up a couple of feet from the sidewalk.

The poles were rusty, sharp, and dangerous.

"We've had some customers complain about it, just asking if we knew why it has been so long since they've been there and not repaired," said Casey Cannon of Cutcher's Automotive.

The shop is right next to the cut power poles.

Some of his customers walk through here and so do school kids and it wasn't hard at all for someone to pull the cones off and expose the danger.

"The simple fact that everything has been repaired, it really should have been taken care of already. But for whatever reason, they're kind of lagging behind," Cannon said.

We pushed Toledo Edison for answers.

We were told they needed to tear up the new sidewalk to remove the pole stumps, but were delayed by weather.

They were then waiting for weeks for a work order.

Call 11 for Action stayed on it until, finally, the poles were removed and new concrete poured over top.

"Nicely done. Yeah. They did a nice job," Cannon reacted while looking at the smooth concrete.

Orange cones are still there but likely only until the concrete cures.

An appreciative Cannon said, "And it took you guys to get it going, though. Because otherwise it would probably be the same way it was. So glad you guys got involved."

Don't hesitate to call us if you see something dangerous in your neighborhood or if you have a consumer problem.

Contact Call 11 For Action at (419) 255-2255.

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