Shots fired near Toledo school; 2 dogs found dead

Shots fired near Toledo school; 2 dogs found dead

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was a scary situation for some Toledo kids walking to school Friday morning.

Police say they were called to Fernwood Avenue near Martin Luther King Junior Academy just after 8 a.m. after shots were fired. WTOL 11 is told it all started with a dog fight.

Witnesses say two pit bulls attacked another dog, killing it in an alley behind Fernwood Ave.

A neighbor tried to break up the fight, but was bitten in the process. That's when another neighbor shot at the dogs, killing one and injuring another.

Now, Toledo police along with the Lucas County Canine Care and Control dog warden are investigating to determine whether or not the owner of the pit bulls will face charges.

The warden says the injured dog is doing fine and will recover, but is being quarantined until the investigation is finished, which is standard procedure in this type of situation.

WTOL 11 is told school at Martin Luther King Academy was not in session when the shots were fired, so a lockdown did not take place. All children did make it to school safely.

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