Washington Local Schools consider nearly 20 candidates for superintendent

Washington Local Schools consider nearly 20 candidates for superintendent

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - The Washington Local School District has been the topic of scandal recently for alleged inappropriate behavior by the former superintendent. The search is on for a new superintendent, and district leaders say applicants realize the district has more to offer.

WLS has 19 candidates in the running to become the next superintendent. The candidates are current and former superintendents, a principal, and other high level school positions.

Included in the mix is Lonny Rivera, the former superintendent of Oregon City Schools and current interim superintendent of public instruction for Ohio.

"I don't want to be boastful, but I think I did expect that kind of candidate," said Dave Hunter, board president. "I think that's the type we have. I have not seen the files on everybody, but I knew we were going to get top-notch candidates. This is one of those districts that people want to come to."

Hunter says 19 candidates will quickly be whittled down to just nine or 10 come May 2.

Two weeks after that, candidates will be down to just four. The goal is to announce the district's new leader by May 31.

"This is my third one, and it always seems that one person does kinda bubble to the top," said Hunter.

He says an online survey revealed community members want someone energetic and ready to turn the focus back on the kids. Once the list is narrowed, people will have a chance to talk about what they want with the actual candidates.

"We're going to let each of the candidates go to a classroom, and we are going to have four different groups that rotate around and have the opportunity to have those four groups ask the four candidates questions and get the feedback from those groups," said Hunter.

The board president says people want to lead the Washington Local School District because it's financially strong and respected in the state for various programs.
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