Free, low cost Narcan available

Free, low cost Narcan available

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A local mother whose son is a recovering heroin addict wants people to know that you can get your hands on a life-saving drug right now.

The health department is trying to get the word out that you can get Naloxone or Narcan free of charge or for a small copay.

For 14 years Julie Odorzynski's son's heroin addiction consumed her life.  She uses her experience to help other families facing the same struggle, through FADD (Families after addiction or death).

"They look to me for information and experience and things to look for symptoms and resources and support  just supports it's what we are all need when dealing with this," said Julie Odorzynski.

And with the Health Department offering free or discounted Naloxone, Julie urges those in her support group, to arm themselves with the drug that could save their loved ones life.

"I think it is a wonderful idea.  I think the need is so great and I think it offers a chance for an addict overdosing so they don't have to die," said Odorzynski.

If you have insurance it's usually a $5 copay, and if you are uninsured you will receive two doses of Naloxone at the health department for free.

"We want to make sure no one that needs Naloxone leaves without it," said Jerry Kerr.

There has been some controversy surrounding the drug and making it available to the public.

Police say some drug dealers carry Naloxone in case they need to revive their customers; others worry this will promote drug use.

"You don't put a good program down just because there are some who want to abuse it.  There is really no evidence I mean no evidence that naloxone increases drug abuse or increases a patients want to push the limits," said Jerry Kerr.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the program and getting Naloxone, call the health department at 419-213-4026.

You'll take part in a quick training session, before you leave with the kit.

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