City of Perrysburg votes to make new fire station a reality

City of Perrysburg votes to make new fire station a reality
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - A new Perrysburg fire station is expected to find a home, in the southwest part of the city, somewhere near the Levis Commons area.

"Rather than wait for something bad to happen take the next step and say okay how's the department going to expand," said Chief Klein.

After a GIS study, and the fire department's strategic plan the city announced Tuesday to make the new fire station a reality.

Right now, fire and city leaders are deciding on specific spots to place the station.

According to the fire chief, he has a lot to consider, like traffic patterns, and easy access for trucks in and out.

"We have a couple of spots where we are looking at working. Which one is best to suit our needs," said Chief Klein.

The time line has already been worked out between the Perrsyburg Fire department and the city.

"In the 17 budget I'm going to bring council a request to fund the engineering design of a 2nd fire station, and it's my full intention to have it constructed in 2018," said Mayor Michael Olmstead.

Both the Mayor and fire chief want you to know adding a second station is a preventative measure and your safety in the meantime won't be compromised.

"Our community today is very safe, has a top notch fire and ems service  what we proposed with the second station is going to help continue that and move it to the next level," said Olmstead.

Staffing for the fire department is also being looked at with this new station. The chief is wanting to better utilize some members and he just applied for a grant.

So if the grant is awarded, it could pay for the salaries of three additional fire fighters for two years.

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