Toledo council to hold expert panel on Lake Erie problem

Toledo council to hold expert panel on Lake Erie problem

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Several protesters gathered outside and inside One Government Center Tuesday to send a message about the future of Lake Erie.

Mike Ferner, a former mayoral candidate, led the group, who carried signs saying things like "Mayor! How much is Lake Erie Worth?"

Ferner says he wants Toledo City Council members to pass a resolution telling the U.S. EPA to declare Lake Erie impaired. Ferner says declaring the
lake impaired demands accountability and a clean up process. 

But Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson isn't sure that's the best way to fix the lake's problems. A council committee hearing is in the works to bring in experts to debate the options.

"Some of the things that are being asked about, having the Lake declared impaired, that's an easy thing to do, but does it get us to the place of really addressing the things that we need to address?" asked Mayor Hicks-Hudson. "Some would say 'yes,' others would say 'not sure,' and I think we need to make a really educated rational decision."

Lucas County Commissioners have thrown their support behind declaring Lake Erie impaired.

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