Perrysburg residents worry about traffic increase when I-75 ramps close

Perrysburg residents worry about traffic increase when I-75 ramps close

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - As Ohio Department of Transportation crews get closer to closing off two major Interstate 75 ramps, people living in nearby neighborhoods are getting more and more concerned. WTOL 11 went into the areas that will see the biggest impact.

Perrysburg residents say they don't expect all drivers to take ODOT's recommended highway detours, which means drivers will be rolling through city streets full of people walking and kids playing.

Inge Johnson spent her Tuesday afternoon on a nice walk with her dog. But after hearing that ODOT will be closing the ramp from Route 25 to Interstate 75 north and the ramp from I-75 north to 475 in mid-May, she's not sure what this walk will soon look like.

"Yeah, none of us are going to like it! But I maintain, you do what you got to do," Johnson said.

The ramp closures are part of ODOT's plan to increase safety by eliminating the traffic weave at the 75/475 split, by the Costco store. Many drivers are expected to come up with their own ways around it, right through neighborhoods between West South Boundary and Indiana Avenue.

"It's already pretty crowded, especially during the busy times, so, you know, getting across safely, getting across South Boundary right here and just more traffic through here is certainly going to, you know. (Complicate things?) Yeah, it will definitely complicate things," said Lori Kear, who lives in the Walnut Street area.

Perrysburg Deputy Police Chief Jim Rose says they're expecting a lot more traffic on the side roads, but they only have so much manpower and they'll enforce traffic laws as best as they can. He says they've had regular meetings with ODOT to get ready.

Lori Kear has her 11-month-old son Dylan to keep safe. She hopes drivers will keep them in mind if they start taking Walnut Street.

"Well, just be respectful and certainly, like you said, follow the speed limits because I find a lot of people really don't when they're coming down this road," said Kear.

ODOT says drivers should already be planning their new routes because there will be a lot of confusion the first week.

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