Only On 11: Free Narcan for law enforcement runs out, health dept. search for alternative

Only On 11: Free Narcan for law enforcement runs out, health dept. search for alternative

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police recently told WTOL 11 that 26 lives were saved with the heroin antidote Narcan.

The drug was provided for free to departments like TPD, but the free supply has now run out.

"As an officer we knew of the number of overdoses, but we were surprised with how much Narcan we are using and we are running out," said Lt. Joe Heffernan.

About 224 kits were distributed to police departments in Lucas County to get every squad car stocked with two doses of Narcan or Naloxone.

"We knew at that point that was just barely enough to meet their needs in order to keep all their cars and mobile units equipped," said Jerry Kerr.

With just enough to go around and officers using the drug to revive so many who have overdosed, the free supply has run out, and departments now have to find a way to restock their cruisers.

The problem is each kit costs $73, which is an expense that is not in the department's current budgets.

"Even though our crews have been using a lot of it there are things in the works and I am confident that we will not run out of our supply," said Heffernan.

These kits were paid for through money the governor has earmarked annually in the state's budget. Of that $500,000 is dished out based on the need in every county.

Lucas County received $16,000 initially, and will receive that amount again in July.

Until then, Jerry Kerr of the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is trying to pull some strings.

"There are areas in Ohio that haven't used Naloxone, haven't claimed their Naloxone allotment, so just wondering if we can get our hands on that," said Kerr.

Wednesday night, WTOL 11 will have a special report on how you can get your hands on the life-saving drug for free or a very low co-pay.

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