Young heroin addicts seek help, have no where to detox

Young heroin addicts seek help, have no where to detox

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While some call it a missing step in the fight against heroin, detox options are limited for minors seeking help.

One local family found out that one of the biggest roadblocks to getting young heroin users into a treatment facility can be finding a place for them to detox first.

"While we have significant problems with not having enough detox beds for adults, the protocol for adults seems to be available. It is just that we have to go to outside sources and there's not enough beds, but from a minor point of view we have no detox beds available," said Lucas County Judge Stacy Cook.

It's a problem she learned about this weekend. Judge Cook says a family was initially turned away at the emergency room and couldn't find anywhere else to take their teenage son to detox.

This child was not involved in the court system, but when Judge Cook heard about what happened she and several others from D.A.R.T. and treatment facilities in the area worked together to try and find help for the family.

They eventually got the teen into the hospital, but she worries other families with young users may face similar situations.

"There are definitely people that want to go through the process and hopefully rid themselves of this burden and certainly families that want information to provide to their children and it doesn't exist," said Cook.

The judge and others involved are hoping some sort of protocol can be created for these young users seeking help.

WTOL knows several people that are working on this.

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