Brandywine Country Club under new management, takes shape again

Brandywine Country Club under new management, takes shape again

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - The Brandywine Country Club is under new management. After closing back in December, a local investor finalized a deal for the country club.

New owners Stanley and Katherine Chlebowski are happy to say that the Brandywine is taking shape once again.

"It does need a lot of work. A lot of repairs need to be done," said the owners of the Brandywine.

Crews were riding around picking up branches and a team was brought in for tree removal.

The owners tell WTOL they made a $600,000 investment with more than 140 members of the club in mind. They say they wanted to make sure they saved the gem in the Maumee community.

"This is a Auther Hill designed golf course and right now there are 20 holes but we will be redesigning that to 18," said the owners.

Golfers will see the course change in the next 2 years. But they'll be able to take their first swings of the year on May 4 at Brandywine.

On the other hand, a total of $175,000 worth of work is needed to be done on the building.

"We're going to employ over 80 people here between full time and part time. And I already have people calling me about Christmas Parties and having business meetings," said the owners.

They are still getting the pool up and running. But, the indoor facility should be complete by the middle of May.

The country club will also have a restaurant which will be open to the public.

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