Local DJ remembers meeting Prince in Toledo

Local DJ remembers meeting Prince in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - People in Toledo are remembering Prince, a musical icon and superstar.

Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park estate outside of Minneapolis Thursday morning. He was 57 years old. The untimely death has Toledoans sharing their memories and love for the musician.

If you turned on your radio sometime Thursday, you may have heard Prince's songs on the airwaves or people sharing their condolences.

"Pop. Dig it. Juice FM 107.3. We're celebrating the life of the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson," said Charlie Mack, Program Director and talent on the afternoon drive at Juice FM 107.3.

That was a sample of his set that was focused on Prince. The music lover and die hard Prince fan says he was heartbroken to learn his favorite artist was gone.

"For me this was the most devastating musical loss of my entire life," said Mack.

His love for Prince started many years ago and grew over time. At a young age he met him, a memory he still holds close to his heart.

Mack first met Prince in Toledo at the Sports Arena back in the 80's, where he saw him backstage.

"He was getting into an argument with one of the girls from Vanity 6, and I was standing their watching it. and he hopped up, laughed at her and walked away. And he tapped me on my soldier, I'm in like maybe middle school and he says 'These women crazy huh young man' I said yes sir and kept walking," said Mack.

Later in life, Mack was lucky enough to meet Prince again.

Mack says his music means everything to him and Prince is a musical genius.

"Not just because what he could do with every instrument, including his vocal instrument, but because of the perfection he knew he wanted to get and he pulled out of the people who were around him," said Mack.

But even though Mack says this is the day that music died for him, it was still a celebration of the life and legacy of Prince.

"We could be a little sad today. I admit, I cried earlier, but that's alright we're going to celebrate that life and that talent," said Mack during his radio show.

Charlie Mack says he plans to do an all day tribute to Prince on Saturday. You can check it out on the Juice 107.3
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