Family worries after bullets hit cabin from Sandusky Co. shooting range

Family worries after bullets hit cabin from Sandusky Co. shooting range

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A peaceful getaway for a local family turned into a somewhat scary ordeal, due to the close proximity of their property to the Sandusky County Sportsman Club, a long-time shooting range.

Since 2014, the family has found nine bullet holes in their pole barn, workshop and cabin where they stay on the weekends.

"I just hear this whizzing, like something cutting through metal, I was like 'we're done,'" said Brandy Duslak.

The family stopped bringing their grand kids out to the cabin after a bullet whizzed right past their heads while on a walk with the girls.

"And for that to happen, it's just like, I'm supposed to be able to bring my own kids out here. Sorry, I'm kind of emotional," said Duslak.

In fact, even just thus last weekend, Paul Mikolayczyk came to his workshop to find a huge hole in the door and a bullet in the milk crate right next to where he usually works.

"It's very disappointing because my son won't let his kids out here," said Mikolayczyk.

Paul says he's made multiple calls to the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office in the last month. He says he doesn't mind if the shooting continues, he just wants to talk to the club's administrators about having more supervision or change the location of their range.

"Because their range is dead perfect lined up with our property, the 500 yard range, which is the most dangerous," said Mikolayczyk.

The sheriff's deputy's report says he was told by the administrator he would contact the victim. But so far, the family says they haven't been contacted.

WTOL 11 called the club administrator Thursday to see why he had not reached out the family directly, and were referred to the club's attorney who issued this statement on their behalf:

"Safety for our members and neighbors is our highest priority. We are taking this matter very seriously," said Administer Dennis Vanwey.

They say they are cooperating with the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office following the report on April 17.

Just minutes after this story aired on WTOL 11, the club reached out to the family to set up a meeting.

Past reports made to the local sheriff's office show the sheriff's deputies have requested multiple times that club leadership talk to the family in order to resolve the problem that's been going on for two years. But until the story aired the family had not had any contact from the Sportsmen's Club.

The club's attorney says some of the shooting ranges are closed pending an internal investigation.

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