City of Toledo look to open pools, money in question

City of Toledo look to open pools, money in question

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo is still looking for some help in opening six city pools and a splash pad.

Toledo spokesperson Janet Schroeder says the city needs $345,000 to operate and repair city pools. She says the money is coming along swimmingly so far.

"I feel like by the time we have the commitments that have been made signed and sealed and delivered, in addition to those we feel are being very positively received, we're over 50 percent of proposals that we feel are gelling out really well," said Schroeder.

She says one donor has already made a splash, the Cornerstone Church has given more than $60,000. But the other donors are being kept a secret until the end.

"We will be opening and celebrating the pools and announcing all those partners that are stepping forward and if anyone is interested in supporting the pools, they may contact the mayor's office," said Schroeder.

Schroeder says if the city does not get the money, the pools will still be opened.

"We will continue that effort throughout the summer and what we will do is that, if we need to, we will just have to cut some expenses elsewhere in the budget," said Schroeder.

Council member Tom Waniewski says the pools have been treading water the past several years because the money generated doesn't nearly meet the money spent.

He says he supports mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson in her fundraising, but wishes there was a better way to give kids something to do in the summer.

"There are people, organizations in town that do recreation programs already, the Y, boys and girls club, they have pools, and so i would just as soon have them run the recreation and have us help them toward that goal," said Waniewski.

Schroeder says city pools will be offering summer programming at no additional cost. She says there will be free activities and lunches at the pools.

The City of Toledo plans to open the pools on June 27.

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